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I was reborn in February 2019 as Kristine after a long and difficult birth.

Kristine is still young and I am trying to keep up with the rapid changes I am currently experiencing. Transgenderism is not easy to understand. It’s hard for me to comprehend and I am living it. A lot of people these days seem to be really interested in the subject and I get many questions.

This is why I started this Blog. I hope I can contribute to making the subject easier to comprehend for people who are interested in it and maybe be a little help for somebody who is going through the process of discovering it. I know it helped me understanding things about myself when I read about the experiences of others.

Leave me a message if you have any comments, questions, suggestions. Please be respectful. If the subject offends you, visit another site. Transgender people are only trying to find happiness in life, just like everybody else.

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